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Kait is a paralegal working as a victim advocate in the legal world and enjoys using her paralegal skills tackling in depth research and writing for true-crime podcasts. While not researching and writing she enjoys downhill skiing and spending time with her beloved miniature dachshund, Joey.

Instagram: @kaitmorrisresearch

Research Writer


E.J. Hammon is a North Carolina author, long fascinated with serial crime and the psychology behind it. With over a decade of experience writing her blog Confessions of a Bundyphile, E.J. has a unique perspective into the mind of brutal serial killer, Ted Bundy. Her work on Bundy has been featured on Crime Viral, Bizarrepedia, the True Crime Guy web site, and Season 3 of the hit podcast, Criminology. She finds the lives of serial lust killers enthralling, often surrounding herself with interesting people and disturbing conversations.


Facebook: facebook.com/ejhammon/

Twitter: @RoseDysfunction

Research Writer


David is a full-time writer and producer for a film company in Wichita, KS. He has 12 years of narrative writing experience and 4 years experience in multimedia production. When he isn't writing or editing for the show, he's happiest sitting down over a cup of coffee with his friends and fellow business owners in Phoenix, Dallas, Wichita and LA. David has fully developed and produced two films to date.

Twitter: @david_theginger

Instagram @david_theginger

Senior Writer, Producer


Haley Gray is a long time devotee of podcasts, both behind the mic and as a listener, who has been podcasting regularly since May 2016. While podcasting, and finishing her undergraduate degree, Haley found that her passion lies within research. She enjoys finding all the bits and pieces that make a story come to life and communicating that information to hosts who then create a narrative. 

Email: HaleyGrayResearch@gmail.com 

Twitter: @HGrayResearch

Research Writer


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