"Everywhere we go, there's a devil we know."

Welcome to Devil We Know, an American true crime podcast. Your hosts Aaron and Amanda bring you the truth in real-life horror, in stories that chill the bones in every body.


We tell the true crime tales of criminals who live two lives, of the dangerous strangers that have lived two doors down. Together, we crack open the cases of people from the dark side of history. After all, you never truly know what a person's inner self looks like. Not really.


Here's where we talk about the world of True Crime

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It's been a long time coming, but Devil We Know Podcast now has a website for all you fans out there! So come and say hey. We're growing everyday, and from our writing team to the format to the way we work on the show's content, it's only uphill from here!


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There's a new way to learn about the devils in your communities. Joining the Circle of Hell on our Patreon gives you exclusive looks into more of the most heinous crimes ever committed in our fine cities. It's a crime to let these things go unreported, and so, we offer them as minisodes for our loyal Patrons to hear every other week.

If you're worried about being able to sleep each Tuesday night after we release these bonus stories, I suggest looking the other way. If, however, you want to hear the frightening truth, by all means - follow the yellow brick road to the City of the Damned.

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